Documenation for version 0.3

WHAT IS ffencoderd

ffencoderd is a wrapper for ffmpeg so video encoding jobs can be automated. It doesn't give a straight away control of processes, instead some XML files are used to control the video encoding processes.

You may also find interesting to investigate ffmpeg manual's as many of program's parameters refer to ffmpeg parameters. Visit ffmpeg site for more information regarding the video encoding process.


Any operating system running perl and ffmpeg may be used to run ffencoderd. Although ffencoderd was developed under Linux there's no reason why it couldn't do on any other system. Please feedback about using in other operating systems. You may post at ffencoderd's forums. Visit :


There are some requirements that the system needs to meet before running ffencoderd. Please get sure that your system meets them before asking for support. Requierements are:

ffmpeg (with flv codec, verify with 'ffmpeg -formats')

Perl with next modules installed






To install Perl modules just use cpan utility.
Type in a terminal :
'cpan Config::General XML::DOM Data::Serializer Digest::MD5 threads::shared'

Beware about XML::DOM module use of UTF-8 coding, all XML files processed/created need/are encoded with UTF-8. ffencoderd may crash if UTF-8 is not used when creating the process files.


To install ffencoderd just place it anywhere in the file system, make it executable just invoke it in a terminal or use the init script (Linux) found in the 'doc' dir.
You'll need to create a config file, look at the configuration file found in the 'doc' dir. You may found some explanations in it, the syntax for this file is simple, just a key value pair and # for comments.

There's also a PHP API example in the 'doc/php' dir look at it to see how to communicate with ffencoderd. In this dir you'll found some files which conform a little library to interact with ffencoderd and Example.php which is a quick example of how to use these library.


Please feel free to send your suggestions or problems to, use the bug report system found at the sourceforge ffencoderd's page and the forums form the same site.