What is ffencoderd?

ffencoderd stands for "ffmpeg encoder daemon" this little daemon, developed in Perl is just a wrapper to automatize the use of ffmpeg. Using a job queue and an XML based communication, videos can be sent so they're encoded. The daemon was mainly developed to encode files to FLV format, sort of Youtube© site can be created, but in fact it can encode any file to any format that ffmpeg supports. This program has nothing to do with Adobe Flash© nor ffmpeg, these trademarks are not related in any way with this project.
FLV is Adobe's Flash© video propietary format and ffmpeg has the feature to encode videos in this this format.


ffencoderd is easy to install so to use, please visit the documentation section to learn more about how to install and use ffencoderd or visit the download area to get the latest version of ffencoderd.

There are also some bug tracking and forum services provided by SourceForge where you can post any doubts,problems or suggestions, feel free to submit your requests at the sourceforge's project page using those services or drop me an email i'll try to keep up with all.